set the mood in your room...

Whether you want your space to be bright and welcoming, or dark and cozy, colour is a key factor when selecting wallpaper.

New Walls - Gilded Geometric Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This contemporary design is a bold and beautiful option for those looking to reimagine their space one wall at a time. Featuring metallic highlights on a textured base this gorgeous...

Greenery - Watercolor Vines Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A delicate leaf vine pattern with a watercolor look, this fabulous wallpaper is a wonderful option for a feature wall that comes alive. Curated in four delightful colorways, Green, Taupe,...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Summer Safari Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

The Summer Safari wallpaper is a dramatic and stunning large-scale print featuring bold and colourful intertwined flora and fauna. Delicate yet delightfully striking this wallcovering will not disappoint with detailed and...

Tropical Dream - Tuvalu Wallpaper

$7.00 – $201.00

You can never go wrong with a solid colour wallpaper: In combination with a mural or a large pattern, it creates an oasis of calm. Alone, it lends a velvety...

Amazing - Vibrant Leaves Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Now, this has zest: You can enjoy and immerse yourself in hand-painted nature. The fine striped patterns of the slender leaves create a natural dynamic on the wall and provide...

Tessuto 2 - Textural Plain Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Demonstrating that there is no contradiction in combining a classic fabric wallcovering with a modern interior. this fabulous fabric wallpaper blends tradition with contemporary style, playing skilfully with colour to...

Pop Style - Modern Trellis Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Modern Trellis will brighten any space. This fabulous wallcovering gives the illusion of depth and dimension with its variety of color tones.  Unique geometric designs bring your walls to life, opening...

Geo Nordic - Linen Inspired Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Restful and Calming this faux linen look wallpaper features a woven texture in a vast variation of colours. Choose from Red, Pink, Yellow, Blush, Cream, White, Green, Grey, Taupe, Dark...

Tessuto 2 - Boho Damask Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Dress up your walls with this tremendous textural fabric wallcovering. Featuring a flocked damask design with a bohemian edge, Boho Damask is the perfect option for those looking to add...

Pop Style - Optic Illusion Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A phenomenal geometric print with an edge. Optic Illusion is super modern and stylish! With delicate touches of metallic and texture, this gorgeous wallpaper will compliment any wall. Adding a whole other dimension to your...

Di Seta - Damask Elegance Wallpaper

$7.00 – $335.00

Damask Elegance combines intricate detailing with soft muted colorways and metallic undertones to create an opulent and polished look. Curated in a gorgeous selection of color variants, Grey, Brown, Green, Orange,...

Ethnic Origin - Detailed Dots Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

With delightful dotted detailing, this linen textured wallpaper is a beautiful option for your home. Eclectic and full of character this beautiful wallpaper design comes in a fabulous array of...

Boheme - Plain Velvet Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

This Plain Velvet wallpaper is the perfect reminder to remain calm within modern surroundings. This calming atmosphere can be created using any of the vast colour variations offered. This beautiful...

Breeze - Kyoto Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The Kyoto wallpaper design springs into full bloom onto your walls and celebrates the beauty of nature with a floral arrangement like no other. The perfect feature print this stunning...

Sumatra - Bamboo Blossom Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fabulous wallpaper that features lush bamboo blossoms, this delightful design contemporary colors with classic designs found in nature. Offered in fun and fresh colors including, Light Green, Orange, Silver, White,...

Tropical Dream - Palau Wallpaper

$7.00 – $201.00

Very imaginative and even a bit whimsical: A large bird, exotic fish, dragonflies and beetles all feel at home amidst magnificent flowers and leaves. PALAU is a miniature paradise. 

Geo Nordic - Geo Goodness Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A delightful wallpaper that takes inspiration from art deco designs and reimagines with a modern edge, this fabulous wallcovering features rounded geometric patterns with polka dots scattered throughout. This textured...

Breeze - Provence Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The Provence design is art in the form of wallpaper. Beautifully hand-painted, this colourful abstract floral arrangement will breathe new life into your home. 

Breeze - Plain and Perfect Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

These sultry textured plain wall coverings are available in a variety of colourways, offering you the perfect wallpaper to compliment your feature walls. This design is a fabulous option for...

Daniel Hechter 6 - Modern Monstera Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Bring the outdoors in with this imaginative botanical design. Offered in six versatile tones, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, and Blue, this design has metallic highlights that will wow. These mixed...

Kimono - Koi in the Lily PondWallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The water is teeming with an abundance of koi carp. Blossoming lilies complete the picture. Lean back and enjoy the view of your easy-care pond full of elegant fish and...

Geo Nordic - Natures Best Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This remarkable nature scape wallpaper features linen-like texture with a fabulous contrast of dense foliage in a hand-drawn style. Beautiful in design and color this wallpaper comes in three delightful colorways...

Club - Leather Tiles Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This non-woven wallcovering brings pure luxury to your home. This vegan-friendly wallcovering gives the illusion of leather tiles that brings an edge of sophistication and creates an exclusive background for...

Sumatra - Textural Metallic Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Delicate and intricate, the soft textural detailing of this lovely wallpaper will add interest and depth to your walls metallic highlights. Created in a classic collection of colors, Mint Green,...

Moments - Geo Stripes Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Introduce a dynamic feature into your space with the Geo Stripe wallpaper. A modern design that will reinvent your interior with subtle and calming tones that allow you to introduce the...

Asian Fusion - Blossom Botanicals Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Rich and intriguing, Blossom Botanicals from the Asian Fusion collection takes a traditional design and reimagines it for a modern take on oriental styles. This gorgeous remastered design will add...

Tessuto - Filigree Trellis Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

This wonderful wallcovering features a beautiful and intricate pattern with a textured fabric base overlayed by a flocked filigree trellis design. Creating an opulent & sophisticated look this wallpaper is offered...

Amazing - Background Beauty Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Providing a fantastic background for furniture and home accessories. The subtle textile-like texture gives this wallcovering a special look. It works equally well when combined with any aesthetic.

Daniel Hechter 6 - Organic Stripe Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Bring an organic feel to your home with this effortless embossed wallpaper. With fine stripe detailing offered in five fun and fresh colours including, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Green, and Blue,...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Kaleidoscope embraces movement and expression. A fabulously intricate and wonderful watercolour style wallpaper design that will wow and delight the sense, this showstopper is offered in three expressive colourways, Blue Pink,...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Living Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Living Palms is a gorgeous and lush palm design that will lift and elevate your walls. This wonderful wallpaper harnesses the tropical vibes we love and reimagines them in bold and...

Di Seta - Delightful Leaves Wallpaper

$7.00 – $335.00

Inspired by the natural patterns created from intertwining leaves, this intricate and delicate pattern is emphasized by beautiful metallic contrasting.  Contrasted by a soft and on-trend color palette of, Orange,...

Industrial Elements - Warehouse Brick Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A perfect wallpaper for those looking to recreate a chic New York loft look, this non-woven textile wallcovering has a weathered brick pattern that creates a stunning and realistic industrial...

Papis Loveday - Geo Print

$7.00 – $257.00

Organic design combining the originality of archaic building materials with glamorous accents.

Karl Lagerfeld - Textured Plain Wallpaper

$7.00 – $190.00

Make a tribute to the legendary fashion designer "Karl Lagerfeld" on your walls. Manufacturer A.S. Création reinterprets his works and creates a harmonious wall design in the style of the...

Breeze - Orchidea Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The Orchidea design delivers hand-painted orchids as a stunning wall covering for your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. The perfect feature print this stunning and vibrant wallpaper wows and delights the...

Denzo 2 - Tropical Delights Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fabulous frond fantasy this tropical scape will have you feeling the warmth on your skin and smelling the ocean breeze. A multi-coloured wonder this wallpaper will liven up any...

Denzo 2 - Toucan Tropics Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This tropical paradise scape will have you hearing bird songs and feeling that ocean breeze. A multi-coloured delight this wallpaper will transport you to a whole new world.

Kimono - Sumptuous Blossoms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

In full bloom, the imposing flowers stretch across the wallcovering's creamy white background. The eye is treated to a lively natural spectacle that presents itself full of energy and power...

Pop Style - Modern Arch Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Super on-trend this delightful wallcovering will stop you in your tracks with its incredible detailing and design. A stunning wallpaper for all four walls or as a feature, it exudes...

Pop Style - Modern Deco Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Bold and Beautiful this dimensional darling is the perfect moment creator for your walls. A textured and truly stunning wallpaper, Modern Deco features glittering embossed lines that converge into geometric...

New Walls - Moroccan Tiles Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This fabulous inspired design harnesses the rich culture of the traditional Moroccan style in this fresh wallcovering. Intricately detailed, this beautiful print is offered in five vibrant and bold colors,...

New Walls - Mediterranean Tiles Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Mediterranean Tiles wallpaper oozes character. A beautiful and realistic textured wallcovering inspired by classic reclaimed tiles comes in five contemporary colors, Blue, Purple, Orange, Taupe, and Beige. A redesign of a...

Industrial Elements - Major Metal Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Want industrial-chic vibes in your home, look no further.  Major Metal from the Bude 2.0 collection perfectly replicates that Downtown loft look, seen amidst the world’s trendiest cities. With a...

Breeze - Amazon Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The Amazon wallpaper design gives a tropical look to your space with a curious chameleon to finish off the wallpaper. A fantastic wallpaper for a feature wall in your home,...

Breeze - Avignon Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The Avignon design offers hand-painted floral arrangements. Delicate and calming this beautiful design is the perfect touch for a kitchen or dining room to keep a floral touch year round. 

Moments - Wonderful Watercolour Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Invite this cool and subtle design to your wall and enjoy the ever trending tones as they elevate your space. If you’re looking for wallpaper to satisfy your craving for warm...

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