set the mood in your room...

Whether you want your space to be bright and welcoming, or dark and cozy, colour is a key factor when selecting wallpaper.

New Walls - Perfect Plains Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

The perfect tones do exist here in this linen effect wallpaper. Textured with a realistic linen detailing that will have you wondering if it is the real thing, this wallcovering is...

Greenery - Linen Luxe Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Comforting, liveable, and organic, Linen Luxe from the Greenery Collection a perfect wallpaper to use on all four walls. Inspired by the versatile, breathable textile, this delightfully textured wallpaper is...

Hygge - Scandi Fronds Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Obtaining the beauty and glory of large-scale luscious leaves to create a design that is full of life. Scandi Fronds from the Hygge Collection features a tropical motif with a difference,...

New Walls - Tropical Linen Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Fresh and fun this tropical-inspired linen look wallcovering brings the outdoors in to give your walls a botanical vibe. Offered in subtle and stylish color variations, Green, White, Light Green,...

Absolutely Chic - Linen Effect Wallpaper

$7.00 – $167.00

Timelessly chic this Linen Effect wallpaper design from the Absolute Chic Collection features beautiful intricate detailing with light metallics woven throughout. Inspired by the versatile linen textile, this lightly textured...

Alpha - Contemporary Linens Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

This wallpaper has a finely woven linen textile look. The subtle tonal variation of natural linen creates a soft contemporary look in your space. Perfect for all four walls, this...

New Walls - Flourishing Linen Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Combining linen texture and blooming free-flowing florals that replicate countryside meadows, this stunning wallcovering is a fresh new take on a classic design. Offered in four beautiful color variants, Cream,...

New Walls - Gilded Geometric Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This contemporary design is a bold and beautiful option for those looking to reimagine their space one wall at a time. Featuring metallic highlights on a textured base this gorgeous...

Michalsky 3 - Botanical Wonderland Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This dreamlike non-woven textile wallcovering features a fabulous botanical print with a hand-painted effect.  Easily applied with paste-the-wall techniques, this wallpaper comes in four classic colorways, Grey, Green, Cream, and...

Greenery - Lovely Linen Look Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A richly textured linen look wallpaper that wows. Delightfully designed to add depth and dimension to your walls this textured wallcovering comes in an array of contemporary color options for...

Moments - Arches Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The stunning Arches wallpaper adds a touch of luxury to any interior.  The perfect choice for those wanting to incorporate features of the Art Deco movement but are looking for a more...

Barbara 2

$7.00 – $123.00

Banana leaves

Michalsky 3 - Jungle Dreaming Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Embark on a tropical escape, without leaving the comforts of your home. Featuring layers of fronds in five fresh color variants including, White, Aqua, Charcoal, Beige, and Green this wonderful...

Adonea - Zeus Wallpaper

$7.00 – $156.00

Plain colours, but not in the least boring: A small, subtle pattern in a wide range of colours and a raised texture. 

New Elegance - Textured Tonal Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Full of texture this fresh and contemporary wallpaper is plain yet intriguing.  Featuring unique texture in gorgeous tonal colours, there is no limit to how you can use this fabulous...

Daniel Hechter 6 - Diamonds are Forever Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Bring a touch of opulence to every room that has been treated to a lavish makeover. The wallpaper's repeat pattern is based on the 1920s Art Deco theme, with trendy...

Geo Nordic - Hygee Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Palms prevail yet again with this delightful design. Featuring bold-colored palm trees on a textured linen-look base. This Beautiful wallpaper is a fabulous option for your home. Available in six fresh...

Daimon - Sumptuous Plains Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

These sultry textured plain wall coverings are available in a variety of colourways, offering you the perfect wallpaper to compliment your feature walls. This design is a fabulous option for...

Sumatra - Textural Leaves Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Boasting a luscious foliage print that shines with metallic detailing on a textural base. A glorious pattern that will add dimension and character to your walls, this contemporary classic is offered...

Blooming - Paradise Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Embark on a tropical escape, without even leaving the comfort of your home.  The gorgeous Paradise Palms wallpaper features layers of palms contrasted with varying tones to create a design with depth...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Metallic Maze Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Contemporary and unique this stunning embossed metallic wallpaper will wow and catch the eye. Featuring an organic style circular pattern that creates a sense of depth, this wallpaper has a...

Tessuto 2 - Flocked Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Adorned with flocked contrasting palms scattered across a textured fabric base, this wallpaper will have you dreaming of botanical rainforests, lush foliage and opulent palms. Offered in four fabulous colorways, Black,...

Bude 2.0 - Diamond Damask Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Be inspired by the bold and opulent wallpaper. Rich and luxurious, this large-scale decorative damask, enhanced with glitter embellishments comes in four fabulous colorways for you to select from. A...

Daimon - Australian Natives Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

It doesn’t get better than this stunning ode to the Australian forest. This beautiful gum leaf design transforms your kitchen or bedroom to great effect with its soft colourways and...

Tropical Dream - Tuvalu Wallpaper

$7.00 – $201.00

You can never go wrong with a solid colour wallpaper: In combination with a mural or a large pattern, it creates an oasis of calm. Alone, it lends a velvety...

Kimono - Bamboo Base Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fabulous wallcovering option to complement this collection the Bamboo Base print is textured like linen with a cross weave detail in accompanying colour variations to finish off your space...

Essential - Concrete Loving Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This fabulous concrete dream offers you that industrial element. Perfect as a complimentary wallcovering to your feature walls, this design is a delightful option for any room.

Tessuto 2 - Boho Diamonds Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

A fabulously fun wallcovering that will bring a bohemian vibe to your walls, this diamond-patterned wallcovering features a fabulous embossed flock design on a fabric textile base. Offered in fresh five...

Industrial Elements - Contemporary Brick Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This brick pattern wall covering has an industrial feel, perfect for loft style spaces. Offered in a white washed red brick, grey or complete white colour way.

Greenery - Fronds of Fancy Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Bring a taste of the tropics into your home with this trendy and lively wallpaper print. Harnessing the vitality of the rainforest this detailed leaf print is richly textured with...

Alpha - Metallic Line Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

With a nod to the Scandi design trend, this etched timber pattern incorporates natural wood grain elements and layers of soft metallics intertwined within it to create a subtle shine...

Kerala - Into the Jungle Wallpaper

$7.00 – $179.00

It's not every morning that you get to enjoy a bit of peace in the heart of the jungle, but it can be with this fabulous palm print wallcovering. Lush...

New Elegance - Textural Stripe Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

With a textural finish that mimics the feel of linen fabric, this beautiful stripe design is ideal to create an inviting home. Offered in functional and subtle tones, Beige, Pink, Taupe,...

Geo Nordic - Nordic Diamonds Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A modern classic, Nordic Diamonds is a fabulous print to add depth and dimension to your walls. A fabulous textured linen-look wallcovering from the Geo Nordic Collection, this wallpaper features...

Versace 4

$7.00 – $246.00

Versace home is the ultimate for style. From one of the most recognisable fashion houses in the world, envelop your space in the Versace home collection. This chevron herringbone pattern...

Amazing - Vibrant Leaves Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Now, this has zest: You can enjoy and immerse yourself in hand-painted nature. The fine striped patterns of the slender leaves create a natural dynamic on the wall and provide...

Urban Classics - Manhattan Wallpaper

$7.00 – $156.00

Trendy loft feeling for your home: MANHATTAN's textures and colours are reminiscent of stones and coarse plaster, but they're anything but rough. MANHATTAN combines elegant glossy and matt elements.

New Elegance - Art Deco Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

With a focus on foliage, this fabulous wallpaper pattern offers the traditional frond print in a renewed and reimagined design. Shadowed Palms will leave you feeling like you are deep...

Tessuto 2 - Textural Plain Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Demonstrating that there is no contradiction in combining a classic fabric wallcovering with a modern interior. this fabulous fabric wallpaper blends tradition with contemporary style, playing skilfully with colour to...

Universe - Mercury Wallpaper

$7.00 – $156.00

A visual and tactile experience: The combination of shining special effects coupled with overprinted foam texture makes MERCURY something very special indeed. This fabulous wallpaper may look plain at first...

Pop Style - Linear Fan Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This beautiful reimagined art deco style design is perfect for adding a modern roaring 20's flair to your walls. Combines subtle texture with metallic detailing this fabulous wallpaper is a...

Luxury Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

The new collection Luxury Wallpaper offers a very special mix of different, high-quality materials & exciting patterns. In this luxurious wallpaper selection, you will find real flock surfaces, along with...

Michalsky 3 - Original Plain Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Taking it back to the basics, Original Plain is a simplistic and luxurious wallpaper with the ability to softly transform a room. Created in a fabulous array of colorways including,...

New Walls - Luxe Linen Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This linen-look wallpaper has both texture and detail that create a lovely realistic linen effect for your walls. Offered in four fresh color options of, Pink, White, Blue, Cream, and...

Cuba - Caribbean Flair Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This fabulous floral wallpaper reflects the Cuban love of life and creates a natural ambience with an exotic, Caribbean Flair.

Urban Classics - Elysée Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Genuine glass beads combined with elegant gloss effects: ELYSEE has a very sophisticated feel and - depending on how the light falls - it's always a little different.

Neue Bude 2.0 - Shadows of the Jungle Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Shadows of the Jungle features a fabulously textured backdrop that offers the effect of concrete in five contemporary colour variations, Emerald Green, Cream, Grey, Pink, and a lighter Green tone....

Pop Style - Deco Revival Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Combining classic design with modern hues, Deco Revival is the perfect choice for those looking to add opulence and sophistication to their home but are looking to keep a design...

Pop Style - Modern Trellis Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Modern Trellis will brighten any space. This fabulous wallcovering gives the illusion of depth and dimension with its variety of color tones.  Unique geometric designs bring your walls to life, opening...

Tessuto 2 - Boho Damask Wallpaper

$7.00 – $223.00

Dress up your walls with this tremendous textural fabric wallcovering. Featuring a flocked damask design with a bohemian edge, Boho Damask is the perfect option for those looking to add...

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