Denzo 2

Denzo 2 - Blooming Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Let this fabulous blooming beauty take over your walls and capture your heart with its magnificent colour and vibrancy. A fabulous wallpaper with a linen texture playing perfectly with the...

Denzo 2 - Metallic Peacock Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A stunning metallic design with peacocks dancing across your walls, this design delights and inspires.

Denzo 2 - Jungle Dreams Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fun and fabulous design that will transport you to a tropical paradise, Jungle Dreams is full of fronds and palms that shimmer and shine with metallic detailing.

Denzo 2 - Gilded Leaves Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Let your walls do the talking with the fabulous Gilded Leaves wallpaper, the perfect feature for any room. With gorgeous gold and silver highlights shimmering across this delicate but bold wallpaper,...

Denzo 2 - Tropical Delights Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fabulous frond fantasy this tropical scape will have you feeling the warmth on your skin and smelling the ocean breeze. A multi-coloured wonder this wallpaper will liven up any...

Denzo 2 - Toucan Tropics Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This tropical paradise scape will have you hearing bird songs and feeling that ocean breeze. A multi-coloured delight this wallpaper will transport you to a whole new world.

Denzo 2 - Metallic Palm Fronds Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Let these fabulous fronds dance across your walls delicately emphasising your room.  A fabulous non-woven wallpaper option for those looking to add a little light and excitement to their rooms. 

Denzo 2 - Deco Forest Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Take a walk through this deco dream forest and let your walls come to life. This fabulous non-woven wallcovering is the perfect choice for those looking to add a little...

Denzo 2 - Dreaming of Deco

$7.00 – $123.00

A stunning Art Deco design that delights and inspires, this fabulous green design will reinvent your walls.

Denzo 2 - In the Jungle Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Step into the thick of the jungle with this delightful and vibrant greenery. A fabulous wallpaper design that will bring out the adventurer in you.

Denzo 2 - Pacific Palms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Pacific Palms is a vibrant tropical design that will liven up your walls and give you that awesome tropics vibe that we all love and desire. 

Denzo 2 - Diamonds Designs Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A tremendous geometric design that soars across your walls with gusto. This wonderful wallcovering is the perfect choice for a feature wall that makes a statement.

Denzo 2 - Native Florals Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Fun and fresh this Navy blue base wallpaper feature gum-nut designs and colourful floral buds that dance delicately across the wallpaper.

Denzo 2 - Pebble Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This monochromatic offering of pebble-like wallpaper in deep black or stark white, stands out thanks to its vibrant, finely-grained texture and beautiful colouration, blending seamlessly with any room.

Denzo 2 - Palms of Delight Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A tremendous tropical scape that delights and wows, this fabulous wallpaper will transport you to a distant dreamland.

Denzo 2 - Garden of Delight Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Say hello to fabulous fronds and floral fancies. This gorgeous green wallpaper is a fun and fresh feature for any room.

Denzo 2 - Smooth Operator Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

With a smooth plaster-like texture, this wallpaper always looks clean and sophisticated. Over a large expanse, it makes the perfect fuss-free backdrop for all aesthetics and design layouts.

Denzo 2 - Basic Beauty Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

With a natural textile texture, this solid-colour wallpaper is guaranteed to raise the mood of your walls. A cheery compilation of colours to choose from to add some welcome freshness,...

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