create a unique ambiance in your home...

Whether you prefer florals, art deco, geometrics, tropical, or animal prints, there is a wallpaper style for everyone.

Michalsky 3 - Botanical Wonderland Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This dreamlike non-woven textile wallcovering features a fabulous botanical print with a hand-painted effect.  Easily applied with paste-the-wall techniques, this wallpaper comes in four classic colorways, Grey, Green, Cream, and...

New Walls - Blossoming Cherries Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Welcome the beauty of the cherry blossom tree into your home with this stunning wallpaper design. Featuring a glittering detailed blossom pattern in four fun colors, Grey, Pink, Cream, and...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Playing it Koi Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Dancing Koi Carp swim playfully in this stunning wallpaper that is symbolic in Japan for good fortune and luck. This stylish wallcovering design will add a touch of tranquillity to your home...

Asian Fusion - Play it Koi Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

This beautiful motif of Koi Carp swimming amidst blooming cherry blossoms is depicted in eye-catching contrast colorways of Light Blue, Blue, and White. The perfect modern take on traditional Asian art, this...

Sumatra - Bamboo Blossom Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

A fabulous wallpaper that features lush bamboo blossoms, this delightful design contemporary colors with classic designs found in nature. Offered in fun and fresh colors including, Light Green, Orange, Silver, White,...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Botanic Metallic Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Taking a stunning palette and adding delicate metallic silhouettes, Botanic Metallic wows and delights. Complete on stunning textured non-woven paper, this beautiful wallpaper design is timeless and elegant, offered in three gorgeous...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Deco Starburst Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

The Deco Starburst wallpaper takes cues from the golden age and reimagines them for today with modern fine line metallics. Flowing metallic lines converge in this fun and delicate wallcovering that...

Asian Fusion - Cranes and Florals Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Cranes and Florals is inspired by the history and culture of China. Paying homage to the customs and beliefs of the ancient Empire of China. The heron, or crane is...

Asian Fusion - Cherry Blossom Fusion Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A delicate design that encapsulates Asian culture, with the intricate script and blooming cherry blossoms, this stunning wallpaper inspires and delights the senses. Beautiful Blossoms wow in this large scale pattern...

Kimono - Koi in the Lily PondWallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The water is teeming with an abundance of koi carp. Blossoming lilies complete the picture. Lean back and enjoy the view of your easy-care pond full of elegant fish and...

Amazing - Japanese Motif Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Poetry for your walls! This Japanese nature motif will bring life to your walls and keep them in bloom all year round. Finely drawn cherry blossoms and exotic feathers achieve...

Asian Fusion - Zen Shoji Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Inspired by the Shoji screen doors found throughout oriental architecture the Zen Shoji wallpaper will have you feeling at peace in no time. Featuring intricate geometrical latticework overlayed on bold...

Kimono - Counting Herons Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Countless heron with pearl white plumage in a faithful colony survey the scene on your wall and huddle closely together in front of the textile background. This flock wallpaper is...

Club Botanique - Peacock Fantasy

$7.00 – $123.00

It's high time to show off some new plumage! This fabulous wallcovering dances delicately across walls with the feather design making an elegant statement against contrasting backgrounds of gold, white,...

Asian Fusion - Modern Orient Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

A modern twist on the traditional Oriental lattice design, this fabulous wallpaper brings depth and dimension to your walls. Offered in four classic colorways, Cream, White, Pink, and Black, all with...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Sakura in Bloom Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Meaning Cherry Blossom, Sakura harnesses the beauty and elegance of this stunning floral botanical. Embossed to add depth and texture this elegant wallpaper features trailing Cherry Blossom branches in three...

Asian Fusion - Gilded Glory Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Elegance personified this motif masterpiece features beautiful detail and intricate design. With an embossed concrete effect contrast against intricate pattern work in metallic tones of gold or silver, this stunning...

Kimono - Tea House Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This Japanese-inspired graphic combines the traditional and the modern. The lines create a sophisticated pattern on the textile background. Perfect for a Japanese tea ceremony and of course also for...

Kimono - Sumptuous Blossoms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

In full bloom, the imposing flowers stretch across the wallcovering's creamy white background. The eye is treated to a lively natural spectacle that presents itself full of energy and power...

Daimon - Trellis Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

Sophisticated and timeless the classic trellis pattern will always have a place in the wallpaper world. Create your own classic space with this wallpaper design. 

Kimono - The Kimono Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

This colourful design was inspired by the wonderful and sophisticated kimono. Beautiful cranes move across a colourful sea of flowers, fronds and clouds in a rainbow of colours showcased across...

Asian Fusion - Oriental Gardens Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Eastern delights abound with this intricately detailed wallpaper. Featuring gorgeous texture this lovely wallcovering is available in three stunning colors, Cream, Red, and Green, that will create a whole new world...


$7.00 – $190.00

Wunderkammer takes its name from the gathering and displaying of individually selected worldly objects. Each design has its own special story which ensures a rich and imposing assortment of eclectic...

Daimon - Illusion Squares Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

This three-dimensional wall covering offers a geometric design for the modern office or study. Creating depth and dimension this fabulous wallpaper is perfect as a feature or on all four walls. 

Michalsky 3 - Triumphant Trelliage Wallpaper

$7.00 – $111.00

Triumphant Trelliage is a fabulous non-woven textile wallcovering with a stunning trellis pattern detailed with a handpainted look. Creating an opulent & sophisticated look that is influenced by the intricacies of...

Di Seta - Trendy Trelliage Wallpaper

$7.00 – $335.00

Marrying the old with the new in a soft on-trend color palette of, Taupe, Yellow, Green, Cream, Grey, and Pink,  Trendy Trelliage creates an opulent and sophisticated look in any...

Amazing - Dive In Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

Just dive in: Japanese-style wallcoverings have a lot in their repertoire to spark joy. Elegant koi carp do just that as they swim across your walls surrounded by calm waters. The linen-look background...

Breeze - Bright Blossoms Wallpaper

$7.00 – $123.00

The blossom design breathes new life into your home with beautiful cherry blossoms cascading across your walls. This design is a fabulous option for any room, be it a home...

Boheme - Shoji Wallpaper

$7.00 – $145.00

Shoji draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese Shoji screens. With an intertwined geometric design, this wallpaper is perfect as a feature wall or part of a full room solution.  

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