As we sail into our 14th month of the pandemic and travel still feels like a distant memory destined to be halted indefinitely, we look longingly at the lush greenery found in tropical prints wishing to feel the sand between our toes and salt in our hair once more. Whilst the borders remain closed and the bubbles prevail, we thought "why not bring paradise to you?". 

Come with us as we run through some of our favourite palm frond prints and be inspired to bring the outdoors in with a touch of the Tropics. 
Living Palms is a gorgeous and lush palm design that will lift and elevate your walls. This wonderful wallpaper harnesses the tropical vibes we love and reimagines them in bold and bright, modern colours. The perfect palm leaf wallpaper design for a sophisticated tropical appearance this botanical wallpaper is available in four contemporary colour ways, Green, Pink, Gold and Multi. 
We have jungle fever with this gorgeous print from the Walls by Patel 2 Collection of digital prints and murals. Fresh and fabulous this design features a chalk look drawing style with large-scale botanicals to add vibrancy to your walls. 
Versace introduces this fantastical vivid and vibrant palm print with luxurious detail, bold colour and elegance in abundance, befitting of the iconic design house. 
Did you know that in the same way that humans tend be right-handed or left, Elephants can be right-tusked or left-tusked? 
This fabulously detailed and intricate mural from Muance's Violet collection, delights the senses with its deep colours and golden highlights. 
Beauty abounds in this blossoming botanical wallpaper
Inspired by nature, this fabulous wallpaper features tropical floras that will whisk you away to an island paradise. Offered in two wonderful color variants of Pink or Green. Designed as a  non-woven textile wallcovering, this jungle palm print is easily applied with paste the wall techniques and can be wiped clean than to its non-woven materiality.  
Fresh and fun this tropical-inspired linen look wallcovering brings the outdoors in to give your walls a botanical vibe. Offered in subtle and stylish color variations, Green, White, Light Green, Blue, and Grey, this lightly textured wallpaper will delight all.  
Fun and funky, bring some tropical flavour into your living space with this outrageously cool jungle design from Muance's Cobalt Collection of murals. 
This tropical print features fresh and fun botanical illustrations of palms trees, parrots and cheetahs that inspire the senses to bring the safari vibes to your walls. 
Imagine that cool breeze, the fresh smell of rain covered blades of grass and the pristine glowing tropical trees that billow under a gorgeous pacific sky.
Available in three colour variations, Green shown above, the Honolulu Sky mural blends seamlessly with any space, from bathrooms, living spaces, to kitchens.  
Bring the outdoors in with this imaginative botanical design. Offered in six versatile tones, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, and Blue, this design has metallic highlights that will wow. These mixed palm leaves transform any room into a tropical haven. 
Tell a story of the grandest sort with this jewel toned beauty. This dazzling emerald design features fabulously large scale palms and fronds to add height and perspective to your walls. 
A tropical print with a Hawaiian style palm tree illustration with a slightly retro feel, this golden wonder will shine and delight throughout your home. 
The Summer Safari wallpaper is a dramatic and stunning large-scale print featuring bold and colourful intertwined flora and fauna. Delicate yet delightfully striking this wallcovering will not disappoint with detailed and layered prints to draw the eye and add depth to any space. Offered in four multi-coloured variations with dominating tones of Yellow, Pink, Black and Grey.