Oh how the tables have turned, no longer limited to the walls wallpaper can be an effective DIY asset. Applied to plain, clean-lined furniture, wallpaper with its variety of patterns and textures has transformative powers akin to magic. The latest DIY craze to hit the Pinterest boards features the glorious grasscloth and a trusty Ikea table. Read on to see how you can bring this design trend into your home.
grasscloth wallpaper transform your entryway

What you will need:
1. Sandpaper
2. Your chosen, clean-lined, console
3. Grasscloth wall covering of choice
4. Scissors and/or craft knife
5. Wallpaper sponge or brush
6. Wallpaper paste
7. Plastic putty knife
8. Drill (optional)
9. Decorative knob (optional)
10. Staple gun (optional)

1. Preparation is key
grasscloth preparation
First things first, take your sandpaper prep your surface with a light sanding of the surface. Ensure that the table is clean and dry before commencing.  Work your way from the bottom to the top. From the base of one of the legs, unfurl enough wallpaper to cover from the bottom of one side, across the length of the table, and over to the base of the opposite leg. Then simply cut the appropriate length and you are underway.

2. Place + Paste
grasscloth place and paste
Arrange the paper on a clean surface. Equipped with your sponge, use the wallpaper paste and apply it to the backing of the grasscloth. Lay the wallpaper back onto the tabletop with even lengths at either side to cover the legs. Now take your plastic putty knife and like the smooth operator that you are, smooth the paper and subdue any pesky air bubbles that may have formed.

3. Cutting Corners
grasscloth cutting
So far, so good? Terrific!
With your paper now set to the table, you can cut into those edges formed where the paper covers the top and sides. Top tip: Crease the grasscloth along the edge of the table, use it as your guide. When you reach the corners of the table stop cutting. Now it is time to wrap the corners by bringing the leg pieces to the front and securing with paste.

4. Rinse and Repeat aka more cutting.
grasscloth wallpaper more cutting
Okay, you are halfway there!
Now we are going to cut a horizontal line on either side where the leg comes to meet the front of the table. Then you can get to wrapping, take these cut pieces and wrap them around the legs.

5. Define your edges
grasscloth wallpaper define edges
Yay, it is time to now to move on to the paper between the two legs at each end. Again we are going to cut right up to the corners on the inside edges of the legs using a craft knife. Give it a trim, taking off roughly half of the loose panel. Take your paste and secure the remainder onto the undercarriage of the table and smooth that baby down. Optionally, you can reinforce the now pasted paper below with a staple gun. Once this is completed repeat it on the opposing side.

6. Conceal + Cover
grasscloth wallpaper conceal and cover
*Insert Kris Jenner voice, “You’re doing great sweetie!”
Finalise the wrapping, consider this your practice for the holiday season. Make sure to wrap the paper firmly around each leg. Chop off any excess lengths once the legs are covered. Repeat the process on the other legs.

7. Wrap it up
grasscloth wallpaper wrap
Moving to the corners of the table, where the top meets the legs, create a diagonal crease in one corner as if wrapping a gift. Then fold the remaining portion over the front and under the centre of the table. If your table has a drawer, don't completely paste the pieces to the underside yet. Repeat this process on the other three corners.
8.  The end is nigh, finish with the drawers
grasscloth wallpaper drawers
Turn the table on its head. Cutting a section of paper from the front of the paper where the drawer fits in, paste down the edging underneath the table. Again you can secure with the staple gun if you choose to reinforce. There are no hard and fast rules here. If you are adding a decorative knob, drill a hole in the front centre of the drawer. Cut your piece of grasscloth to fit the drawer front and paste. Finally, trim off the excess, secure the knob, and voila!

9. Ta Da!
This is our favourite part. Stand back and revel in your handy work.
grasscloth wallpaper transform your entryway
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