Feature in October House & Garden

We are so excited to be featured in this months issue of Australian House & Garden. Copper tones are championed in this bedroom scene featuring a gorgeous French antique leather tufted bedhead and our Passepartout wallpaper, A chinoiserie-esque forest of metallic warm golds and a dark charcoal, navy background for contrast. The collection offers mysterious unreality and interesting new perspectives that partly have their roots in classical trompe l'oeil painting (French for 'deceive the eye'). Particularly eye-catching designs in this collection include hand-woven Korean seaweed, opulent bouquets of flowers that look like oil paintings by Dutch old masters and crumpled-up brown paper that will cover your wall in smart packaging that looks deceptively real.

Photography by: Cricket Studio

Design by: Space Grace & Style

Styling by: Megan Morton

Visit the STACK website here: https://www.homestolove.com.au/australian-house-and-garden

products used: Passepartout 609095