Kafnu Opens its Doors in Australia

We took a walk through the recently completed hotel and co-working space to check out our Versace wallpaper in this ultimate mod con destination. Good design responds to the need of the user and everything about Kafnu Alexandria has the end user in mind, offering everything one might need to help make the work/life schedule a little more balanced. If you're wanting to recharge without spending a night in one of the 16 hotel rooms, Kafnu offer a meditation room complete with a reclining oxygen chair, it's here that we got to see our stunning Versace wallpaper, how better to relax than practising mindful breathing techniques whilst daydreaming amongst the palms? Kafnu Alexandria is open from March.

kafnu alexandria

An artful blend

of work, play,

learn and stay...

kafnu alexandria officekafnu alexandria officekafnu alexandria office

The co working space features sheer curtain clad breakout spaces, custom upholstery and a refined industrial aesthetic really fitting to its location in The Mill, at Alexandria. You can shop the Versace palm print wallpaper below or to check out all our Versace wallpapers click here . If it's less designer and more palms you're after click here to shop all our frond featuring papers.

versace wallpaperversace wallpaper
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